Shanghai waifan food machinery Co.,ltd. attaches great importance to pre- and after-sales service.

The service content is as follows:
1. Provide detailed information for customers to understand the equipment's performance and scope of application, and make practical and realistic answers to customer questions. It is our code to not exaggerate or deceive clients.
2, before the delivery of equipment after the completion of the production, the customer can visit the inspection inspection of our company, to determine compliance with the requirements before delivery; if it is not convenient to factory inspection, our company can take a detailed operation video for customer reference.
3. After the equipment is shipped to the production site, we are responsible for the installation and commissioning of the equipment. After the normal operation of the standby equipment, the operating personnel will be delivered.
4. When the equipment is delivered, we will train the user's operation and maintenance personnel to ensure that the production workers can leave the factory after skilled operation of the equipment.
5, the equipment warranty period is one year, in the warranty period, in addition to human factors and vulnerable to damage, we provide free maintenance services.
6. After the warranty period, our company provides lifelong paid maintenance service and free technical consultation.
7, accessories to ensure long-term paid concessions.

Service response time
After the device fails, the user can contact and resolve the problem. If the solution cannot be solved by telephone, the company will arrive at the site within 1-3 days according to the customer's travel distance, and troubleshoot the problem for the customer.

Service hotline:86-021-57456513 Mobile: 0086-13901610679