Full automatic wafer sticker poduction line

Full automatic wafer sticker poduction line

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The main function

Main processing :

Mixer -syrup convey -syrup storage -baking -forming -cutting -cooling-packing


The flour beater can easily stir the batter, with the advantages of even batter and short mixing time, and the batter is then sent to the host for baking. The baking process adopts gas heating, and the stove ignition device automatically ignites the electromagnetic valve, which has high sensitivity and easy operation. The baking hub can adjust the rotation speed and temperature control by an automatic temperature detector. When the hub temperature is too high or too low, it can be automatically adjusted to maintain a constant temperature, which can effectively avoid waste of energy gas. The cored mandrel and roll forming devices use variable frequency controller motors to adjust speed. The core material is ball milled, and the dough is automatically injected into the dough through a core filling machine. The roll shape is wound around the bar and sent to the automatic cutter device for cutting. The thickness and diameter of the egg rolls can be changed by mandrel axis adjustment.



(filling )60kg/h     (without filling)30kg/h

Heating energy

electrical heat    gas heat



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