Why do I bake cookies surface very dark in color


Generally, the temperature difference between the upper […]

Generally, the temperature difference between the upper and lower fires of the oven is too large. In this case, if your oven can be independently controlled by fire and the surface is too fast, turn the temperature of the fire down a bit; if the surface is colored The speed is normal and the bottom color is too slow, which will increase the bottom fire.

Do not go up and down to independently control the temperature of the oven, put the baking sheet down a layer, or after the surface is colored, turn off the fire, and always bake to the bottom of the biscuit to color.

Conversely, if the bottom of the baked biscuit is darkly colored and the surface is very light, treat it in the opposite way.When baking cookies with industrial cookie making machine , we may encounter various situations. As long as we master the flaws and flexibly adjust the baking method, we can bake out successful biscuits!

If the baked biscuits are directly exposed to the air after cooling, it is easy to absorb the moisture in the air, which becomes soft and loses the crispy taste. Therefore, after the biscuits are cooled, they should be placed in a sealed box for storage. If necessary, you can also put a packet of desiccant or a few cubes of sugar in the sealed box to help absorb the moisture in the air and avoid the moisture of the biscuit.The biscuits that have been softened and softened are placed in the oven for a few minutes (the temperature can be set at 150 ° C - 170 ° C), and they can be crispy again.