What are the mechanical methods of candy packaging


Today, the world's sugar cubes and chocolate packaging […]

Today, the world's sugar cubes and chocolate packaging methods do not have to have kinky packaging, pillow packaging, and folding packaging. Twisted packaging is the oldest method of packaging. Sugar cubes are usually used in this package, not only through high-speed, automated packaging machines, but also through craftsmanship; pillow packaging is prevalent in the world in the 70s of the last century.

The world has prevailed since the 80th month. Because pillow packaging machines are now widely available, today a few sugar and chocolate production companies use pillow packaging. In the case of folding packaging, chocolate is used in this way, and the sugar pieces are suitably made into rolls, strips, and packages. This packaging method has a high request for packaging and packaging materials.

The degree of Chinese candy making machine and chocolate packaging machinery is still far from that of other countries. The problem is that the packaging is low, the types of packaging materials are small, and the packaging quality is not high. If we want to reduce the distance from other countries, we can only expand our technology. Therefore, the world's sugar cubes and chocolate packaging should be oriented toward the high-speed automation of packaging machines, multi-functionalization and packaging planning.

In recent years, the world's sugar block technology experts have achieved gratifying results in the introduction of collaboration and self-reliance. They have introduced inflatable milk sugar production line, colloidal soft candy automatic line, ultra-thin vacuum instant cooking unit and cotton candy production line in the setting and arrangement of sugar blocks. Etc.; packaging machinery has a single twist knot packaging machine, folding packaging machine, high speed pillow bag machine. There are many functions in chocolate setting, such as chocolate pouring line, chocolate composite automatic line, chocolate extrusion line, chocolate fast refiner, etc.