Things to pay attention to when buying bread


Bread looks always tempting and the classification is c […]

Bread looks always tempting and the classification is cumbersome. According to the purpose, it can be divided into two categories: “Bread Food Bread” and “Dessert Bread”; according to the texture, it can be divided into four categories: “soft bread”, “cracky bread”, “loose bread” and “hard bread”; According to the raw materials, it can be divided into white bread, whole wheat bread and multigrain bread.

Try to avoid Danish bread

The highest calorie in bread is the cancellous bread, also known as "Danish bread." It is characterized by the addition of 20% to 30% butter or "shortening" to form a special layered structure, often made into croissants, raisin flats, chocolate crisps and so on. It has a soft, supple taste and is very tasty, but it is too much saturated fat and calories, and may contain "trans fatty acids" that are very detrimental to cardiovascular health. Try to buy as much bread as possible, preferably no more than one week.

Purchase attention to freshness

The shelf life will be indicated on the bread package: “2 to 3 days in the second and third quarters (spring and summer) and 4 to 5 days in the first and fourth quarters (autumn and winter)”. Be sure to choose the freshest bread possible when shopping. If you buy it at the end of the expiration date, you should eat it immediately. Don't let the bread expire at home. If the mall is promoting discounts, it is even more important to see if it is nearing expiration.

It is necessary to know that many food companies tend to do some small tricks of "production date ahead" in order to extend the sales time of products. If you buy the bread that has expired immediately, you can't finish it in a day or two. You can put yourself in a dilemma: throw it, it's a pity; eat it slowly, it's very unsafe. If you put it in the refrigerator, the taste will get worse and worse...