The structure and principle of the automatic production lines


In fact, our favorite Oreo, biscuits are made from the […]

In fact, our favorite Oreo, biscuits are made from the biscuit production line!At present, most biscuit manufacturers use fully automatic production lines to produce biscuits. It can produce a wide variety of biscuits in a timely and efficient manner, which creates huge profits for the enterprise. Then, what are the structures of the automatic biscuit machine production line?What? How does it work?

As we all know, the production of biscuits requires the production of materials, molding, baking, cooling, etc. Correspondingly, the biscuit machine production line can also automatically complete these tasks. Generally speaking, the biscuit production line includes biscuit molding machine, tunnel type hot air circulation electric baking. The furnace, the fuel injection machine, the turning machine, the cooling line, the biscuit finishing machine, the biscuit sandwich machine, the packaging table, etc., the working process of the biscuit forming machine is to introduce the prepared dough into the tableting part, and continuously press the pressure through three pressure rollers.

The cake is made into a cake of uniform thickness, and then enters the molding part through a conveyor belt, and is pressed by a die to form a pattern and shape of the biscuit, and then the picking part separates the biscuit from the remaining material, and the remaining material is transferred to the hopper in the beginning to be reused. The biscuits are transferred to the electric oven for baking. After the baking is completed, the biscuits are cooled by the cooling line.

If the biscuits are to be produced, after the cooling, the biscuits are fed into the sandwich machine for centrifugation, and then the biscuits can be processed. Finished the packaging.The biscuit production line can automatically complete the feeding, pressing surface, residual material recovery, molding, baking, cooling, and can also produce biscuits of different tastes and different colors by changing the fabric and mold, which not only brings convenience to the biscuit manufacturer, but also For the benefit of friends who like to eat cookies.