Rotary furnace equipment selection characteristics


The working parts and technical parameters of the rotar […]

The working parts and technical parameters of the rotary bakery oven equipment should be compatible with the biological characteristics of the processed products, and meet the processing requirements of the final product; strictly control the damage caused by the raw materials and final products during the processing, and the quality is reduced; the processing equipment for the final product is food or food raw materials.

It should prevent the pollution of machinery or other materials to the final product to ensure that the final product meets the food hygiene requirements; to avoid environmental pollution caused by emissions (slag, sludge, slurry, liquid, gas, etc.) in the food processing process.

Emissions should be equipped with processing equipment to meet emission requirements; for foods containing multiple nutrients or medicinal ingredients, consideration should be given to reducing the loss of nutrients or medicinal ingredients in processing equipment; attention should be paid to the comprehensive development of by-products and scraps. Make full use of resources and improve economic efficiency.