Process of single crystal rock candy in candy production line


Everyone introduces the process of single crystal rock […]

Everyone introduces the process of single crystal rock sugar:The main equipment for producing single crystal rock sugar is a rocking crystal kettle, which is composed of a main body of the kettle and a transmission. The body of the kettle is 2.2 meters long and 1.3 meters high. The upper part is semi-circular and the lower part is elliptical.

There are four roller supports in the lower part of the kettle body. The front of the kettle body has a sight glass, a sugar door and a sugar liquid nozzle valve; an air inlet pipe, a condensing water pipe and a temperature measuring point are arranged behind the kettle body; a sight glass, a vacuum nozzle, a seeding hole and the like are arranged at the top of the kettle. A flower plate is arranged above the elliptical body in the kettle body, the flower plate is filled with seed crystals, and the flower plate is equipped with a heated steaming needle cold pipe.

The middle part of the top of the kettle has a toggle link connected to the connecting rod. By the transmission of the eccentric wheel, the reciprocating motion of the connecting rod causes the kettle body to swing to the left and right according to a certain deflection angle.

Production technology characteristics

The production technology of single crystal rock sugar is simple, the equipment is not complicated, the process is short, and the investment is small, which is easy for the township enterprises and the production of candy manufacturers.

Rock candy is an indispensable food item in people's daily life. The development of new candy making machine process can improve economic efficiency and export earnings. Here is a brief introduction of some existing rock sugar production processes. I hope to inspire you and develop more. Advanced methods of making sugar candy to benefit the general public and promote economic development.