Prevention and control measures for food processing machinery pollution


The secondary pollution of food processing machinery to […]

The secondary pollution of food processing machinery to food is extremely serious, and the prevention and control of food processing machinery is one of the important measures to ensure food hygiene and safety.
1. Factors affecting food quality
The quality of food is related to the physical and mental safety of the people. To produce high-quality and qualified food, there must be three elements:
(1) Qualified personnel; (2) Software that complies with GMP operating procedures, such as reasonable process recipes and operating procedures, qualified raw and auxiliary materials, various specifications and management systems, etc.; (3) Compliance with QS sanitary production hardware, including Qualified production environment and production conditions, meet the required plant, equipment and so on.
2. The meaning of food equipment to prevent and control pollution in production
From the above, the production environment and production conditions and equipment are one aspect that affects the quality of food. In food production, the pollution of production environment and production conditions generally includes microorganisms, dust, particles, corrosion, errors and cross-contamination. The food processing machinery has two meanings for the prevention and control of pollution in production. The first processing machinery itself does not pollute the food and does not pollute the environment; the second should have effective means of controlling pollution. To this end, GMP has made a number of guiding regulations for processing machinery directly involved in food production. The basic point is to ensure the quality of food, prevent various pollutions that may be caused to food during the production process, and may affect the environment and human health. Hazard and other factors. Therefore, the design of food processing machinery should comply with the requirements of GMP, reduce pollution factors, and have good prevention and control of pollution. Although the state does not impose mandatory GMP certification requirements on food enterprises, food machinery manufacturing enterprises should be equipment that food enterprises can prevent or control or easily control pollution.