Little knowledge about oven temperature when baking


For baking, the oven is a must-have tool, and the tempe […]

For baking, the oven is a must-have tool, and the temperature of the rotary bakery oven determines the color of the finished product in many cases. Regarding temperature, some things you should know:

1. About preheating

Whether it's a cake or a biscuit, preheating before using the oven is an indispensable step. Preheating is to let the oven reach a suitable temperature before the food enters the oven. Otherwise, the food enters when the oven is still at room temperature, which may cause problems such as uneven heating and water loss, so that the quality of the finished product falls. to make
Depending on the size of the oven, it usually takes 5 to 10 minutes to warm up. The smaller the oven, the shorter the time it takes. The method is also very simple, just need to let the oven burn for a while before the food is put in. If your oven has a preheating light, follow the prompts. If not, be aware that the heating tube turns black, indicating that the preheating is good. It should be noted that the preheating time should not be too long, otherwise it will affect the life of the oven.

2. About the baking time

Although the temperature and time of the baked food are mentioned in the recipe, the temperature and time values ??are flexible due to the size of the oven, the condition of the food itself, and the weather conditions. The temperature of the household oven is not very stable, and the temperature control is not completely accurate. The time for baking the food needs more flexibility. If you make a cake with a recipe, then the next time you only need to control the time is shorter.

3. About temperature

At present, the oven is mainly based on a mechanical oven. The temperature control is much weaker than that of a smart oven. To accurately grasp the temperature, in addition to experience, it is a good choice to purchase an oven thermometer. In addition, the temperature near the oven heating tube is often much higher than the center of the oven. If the oven space is small, it often causes uneven heating, which directly affects the quality of the food. The easiest way to deal with this situation is to take the food out of the baking position and put it in. If the food itself is not easy to adjust the position, it is ok to change the baking tray directly.