How is the oven classified


The oven adopts high air volume circulation, the air vo […]

The oven adopts high air volume circulation, the air volume of each part can be adjusted and controlled, the temperature inside the oven is even and uniform, there is no temperature blind zone, and the product is baked without color difference to ensure the curing quality of the product. The bakery rotary oven temperature control system adopts multi-stage intelligent program temperature controller to control temperature and solid state relay without contact transfer, and automatically completes the temperature control curve.

The oven can be equipped with a printer, temperature recorder or computer centralized control system to monitor and monitor the entire process. The ovens are distinguished by the rated temperature and can be generally divided into these three categories, such as low temperature ovens, normal temperature ovens, high temperature ovens, ultra high temperature ovens and the like. So here are some introductions to common ovens.

1.Low-temperature oven: below 100 °C, generally used for aging of electrical products, slow drying of common materials, drying of some food materials, plastics and other products.

2.Room temperature oven: 100-250 ° C, this is the most common use temperature, for most of the material moisture drying, coating curing, heating, heating, insulation and so on.

3.High temperature oven: 250-400 ° C, high temperature drying of special materials, workpiece heating installation, material high temperature test, chemical raw material reaction treatment.

4.Uultra-high temperature oven: 400-600 ° C, higher working temperature, high temperature drying special materials, workpiece heating and heat treatment, material high temperature test, etc.