How does the cake stove look at the fire and the fire


The bakery rotary oven is hand-operated industrial, eas […]

The bakery rotary oven is hand-operated industrial, easy to operate, safe and hygienic, self-contained, low power consumption, high output, saving labor and time, can replace dozens of labor, product molding, compaction, transportation is not easy to break, when eating Good taste, not greasy.

The outer shell of a qualified cake machine should be smooth and suitable for touch, bright in appearance, stylish and beautiful in appearance. The material is food-grade and environmentally friendly plastic. The advantage of this plastic is that even if it falls on the ground, it will not be damaged. .

When the bottom fire is controlled by the cake oven, the temperature at the bottom of the bread is too low. If the bottom fire is too low, the bread is not easy to be colored, but the white color is not at all. It is not good to look at. If the cake oven is baked, it will be bottom, then.

The bottom of the shell is not easy to cook. The surface fire is the temperature of the top of the bread. It is the same as the bottom fire. If the fire is not enough or uneven, it will not affect the appearance.