Fryer production line equipment operation sequence


1. Cleaning: Clean the hard objects and residues in the […]

1. Cleaning: Clean the hard objects and residues in the biscuit moulding machine production line and in the pipeline.

2. Trial operation: Open the scraping belt, the upper and lower mesh belts, the lifting, the exhaust fan and the circulating pump in turn, observe the running direction of the equipment, whether there is any stuck phenomenon and whether there is leakage.

3. Refueling: completely clean the water and hard residue in the inside of the pot and in the pipeline before refueling. Refuel to cover 30-50mm above the lower mesh belt (add cooking oil according to the actual situation of the fried product).

4. Heating: Ensure the oil level to cover the lower mesh belt before heating.

5. Operation: switch heating control to carry out heating, set the frying temperature as needed. When the set temperature is reached, it can be fried.

6. Turn on the exhaust fan, scraper belt, upper and lower mesh belt and circulation pump in turn.

7. Check pipes, valves, and open circulating pumps