Five key tips for successful baking


Use ingredients at room temperature Unless some recipes […]

Use ingredients at room temperature

Unless some recipes require ingredients at a specific temperature, it is best to use ingredients at room temperature, especially butter and eggs. Refrigerated eggs and butter need to be placed at room temperature one hour in advance and wait until room temperature is reached. The ingredients after refrigerating cannot be used like the ingredients at room temperature.

The correct weighing method

To be more accurate, you must prepare an electronic scale. Because if the measuring cup and measuring spoon are used for weighing, there will still be some error. Errors in certain ingredients may have a huge impact on the baking results.

Homemade vanilla flavor

The vanilla flavor on the market, the cheap price may be added some artificial additives, the body is not healthy. The true pure vanilla flavor is more expensive. The method of making vanilla flavor is relatively simple, so the best way is to make vanilla flavor at home. Buy 3-4 organic vanilla pods and let them dry naturally after washing. Pour 8 ounces of plant glycerin into a sealed bottle and set aside for use.

Do not over-mix

In the process of making dough and batter, if excessively stirred, it is possible that the dough and the batter produce too much gluten to cause the cake or biscuit that is finally baked to have a rough taste. When scooping the batter into the automatic biscuit making machine , do not start the scoop from the middle of the batter, but take the batter from the scoop around the stir plate.

Do not open the oven door in the middle of baking

Be patient while waiting for the baking. Do not open the door of the oven easily. Once the oven door is opened, the temperature in the oven may drop by 3-4 degrees, and a sudden drop in temperature may cause the cake to collapse. In addition, after the cake is baked, don't rush to open the oven door, wait for the temperature to drop slightly and then turn it on.