Diversified forms of hot air rotary furnace


Hot air rotary furnaces are diversified in form, such a […]

Hot air rotary furnaces are diversified in form, such as electric heating hot air rotary furnace, gas hot air rotary furnace, fuel hot air rotary furnace, diesel hot air rotary furnace, etc.The first thing to analyze is why hot air rotary furnaces are so popular? In fact, this problem is very simple, generally can be classified into two major categories:

1. Hot air rotary oven baking range: suitable for baking moon cake, toast, all kinds of bread, meal bag, big rib burger, crisp cake, all kinds of snacks, egg yolk pie, biscuits and other foods;

2. Hot air rotary oven baking characteristics: trolley type baking, whole vehicle promotion, large quantity, saving time and effort, consistent color and good taste;

The special air duct design of the hot air rotary furnace ensures sufficient convection and uniform temperature distribution in the furnace. There is also a three-stage adjustable air outlet to meet the special requirements of different products and different seasons. When the door is opened, the automatic air suction mechanism absorbs the hot air to prevent the hot air.

The face of the bakery rotary oven furnace can be automatically lifted and lowered with the opening and closing of the door, taking into account the requirements of the entry and exit of the trolley and the sealing and heat preservation; the appearance of the hot air rotary furnace is luxurious and generous, the production capacity is high, the space is saved, and the energy is saved. , saving manpower; three layers of insulation cotton, total thickness of 135cm, good insulation performance, heat loss is very small; hot air rotary furnace structure is reasonable, materials are stressful, high temperature is not deformed, long service life.