Analyze the common faults of the oven


Oven is a new type of bakery rotary oven equipment on t […]

Oven is a new type of bakery rotary oven equipment on the market today. Its advent has brought new sales storms to the oven industry. Many people can't help but be attracted by its perfect design and superior performance. The following is a description of the knowledge of cleaning hot air circulation ovens and common fault analysis.

The temperature control of the oven box popular in the market generally adopts GCD-23A intelligent computer temperature control and PLC automatic control system. When the temperature reaches the set value, the temperature controller outputs the PID control signal PLC, and the PLC outputs the control signal to the time relay KT. So that it starts to keep warm, and at the same time, close the inlet and exhaust disc valves.

The common fault of the oven is mainly the closed loop oven air switch. According to the operating instructions of the oven, the heating temperature is set to 250 °C, the over temperature alarm temperature is 260 °C, and the heat preservation time is 1 h, then the automatic running program is started, the circulating fan and the inlet fan of the oven are started. The indicators such as the disc valve and heating are illuminated in sequence, indicating that the program is operating normally. After heating for 2.5h, the temperature still does not reach the set value.

If the heating time is too long, the heated glass container will be brittle and the bad bottle rate will increase. Then judge whether there is a fault in the circulating fan, resulting in poor circulation of hot air circulation, and the hot and humid air cannot be discharged normally. Secondly, from the fault phenomenon and the circuit principle of the oven, the oven can be heated, indicating that the output signal of the GCD-23A intelligent computer temperature controller is normal, and the PLC input and output signals are also normal.