Advantages of the anti-corrosion technology of the cake oven


1. Fixing the baking tray of the cake oven: It can be d […]

1. Fixing the baking tray of the cake oven: It can be directly fixed to the baking tray. When feeding, the baking tray can be directly fed, no need to manually move in and out, saving a lot of time, energy loss and labor costs.

2.The baking sheet of the cake oven is made of cast aluminum material, the heat transfer speed is fast, the model is dense, and the baked cake is particularly good under the same ingredients.

3.The feeding device is used for feeding, and the feeding speed is fast, which greatly increases the output.

4.The oven uses quartz electric heating tube, the furnace temperature rises very fast, close to the open flame baking, is conducive to cake making.

5.Using the activity of the fire device, the baking process adds a wake up cake process, is the function that the original oven can not achieve. That is, after the feeding, the oven is baked, and when the surface of the raw material is hard, the lower drawer is pulled out and the proof starts. After the hair is turned up, the cake baked and baked is particularly soft and has a good taste.

6.Cake oven in the premise of good product taste, the output is very large, the output is 3-4 times the conventional rotary bakery oven (the same power), and the small footprint, only 1.5 square meters -2.5 square meters, very suitable for large , medium and small food processing enterprises produce.