Vacuum Boil Sugar Equipment of Candy Making Machine


In order to avoid the process of boil sugar at high tem […]

In order to avoid the process of boil sugar at high temperatures caused by chemical changes, the use of vacuum boiled sugar can reduce the boiling point of sugar and reduce heat.

Main components of vacuum boil sugar equipment : syrup pump, heater, syrup inlet, secondary steam discharge system, needle valve, vacuum steam room, discharge control system, turn pot, vacuum system. T

How it works: The purpose of boil sugar is to remove the sugar in the sugar after most of the water, so that the final paste to a high concentration and retain less water, sugar should be into a thick syrup, which The increase in concentration must be accomplished by a boiling process with a higher temperature gradient. This process is through the continuous cooking process to achieve, so called boiled sugar. Sugar in the water needs to be separated from the liquid into the space and exclude, the faster the speed, the faster the boiled speed. Under vacuum conditions, the sugar can boil at a lower temperature to evaporate, evaporate quickly, and the product is of good quality.

Operating procedures: vacuum boil sugar process is generally divided into preheating, evaporation and vacuum enrichment of three stages. The preheating stage is to increase the temperature and concentration of sugar and shorten the cycle of vacuum boil sugar; in the evaporation phase, remove the remaining water in the sugar solution. Boiled sugar equipment is actually a set of evaporation enrichment equipment. The effect of the heater is the appropriate heat source and enough heat transfer area to heat the sugar to the boiling state. Evaporator can make the sugar in the boiling state of the rapid removal of water, the delivery of sugar to stabilize the delivery of sugar through the whole process to achieve continuous balanced production.

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