The Specific Equipment of the Biscuit Production Line


Biscuit production line is composed of biscuit forming […]

Biscuit production line is composed of biscuit forming machine, tunnel hot air circulating electric oven, fuel injection machine, turning machine, cooling line, biscuit finishing machine, cookie sandwich machine, packing table, cookies machine and so on.

Biscuit molding machine for peach biscuits or cookies Cooking, crisp biscuits stripping forming. Biscuit molding machine will tune the machine has been adjusted dough, the roller printed into a variety of shapes and different grams of biscuits green. Biscuit molding machine structure is simple, separate knife device has adjustable device, can be transferred to the best location. Biscuit molding machine Roller roller by a special design to overcome the phenomenon of uneven wear of the separation knife, flower roller out of the vertical position, easy to replace. Biscuit automatic molding machine is divided into discs with hot air rotary furnace baking and tunneling furnace direct baking.

The use of electric and gas integrated design, man-machine interface operating system, computer control, high efficiency, and the machine can be a long time for continuous operation.

The biscuit finisher will arrange the biscuits transported by the cooling conveyor so that the whole row of the biscuits conveyed will be stacked and transported in an orderly manner for inspection and packaging. The equipment can be adjusted according to the size of the size of biscuits, finishing the speed of free adjustment, can be sorted round cake, square cake, rectangular cake of various biscuits, automatic production line is essential for biscuit equipment.

Cookies sandwich machine set mixing, attention, repression, forming as one of the multi-functional biscuits continuous sandwich unit. Mainly used for the production of breakfast cake, chestnut cake, sandwich sandwiches, sandwiches and so on.

Cookies machine, from the feed to the molding, drying, transportation, fuel injection, cooling, waste recycling and other mechanical and electrical integration of automatic completion, can produce all kinds of trendy biscuits. The auxiliary part of the equipment, with automatic temperature, automatic baking, transportation, automatic fuel injection, cooling and other functions, but also particularly suitable for baking all kinds of cakes, moon cakes, bread, peach and other food.

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