The principle of baking, three ways of understanding heat conduction, convection and radiation


To make a good baking product, every production link ca […]

To make a good baking product, every production link can not be ignored, material selection should be exquisite, material needs to be accurate, and the operation is careful.
Baking is a door learning. To understand the principle of baking, there are three ways of heat transfer, convection and radiation.
When the heat conduction is heat conduction caused by the past, the molecular vibration, and release heat, by high temperature to low temperature gradually. The conduction of stainless steel has the phenomenon of uneven heating, which is easy to cause cold in some parts of the pot and hot in some places. The use of stainless steel pot milk pudding, in addition to the stirring, turning the skillet can avoid heat conduction and uneven bottom scorch.
Convection is when the material is heated, the fluid substance or gas rises due to the volume expansion and the density decrease due to the heating. Its position is replenish by the cooler and denser fluid around it. Then it is heated up and the surrounding matter is replenish. Such a continuous heating movement is convective.
Radiation does not require any medium, and heat can be radiated directly to the body to heat it. The most common form of radiation used in food is the use of dielectric, microwave or infrared. In the specific operation of baking products, the environment conditions are often considered, and two or three ways of baking at the same time.

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