The practice of anhydrous cake:


[main material] low gluten flour 80 grams, egg 3 [acces […]

[main material] low gluten flour 80 grams, egg 3
[accessories] honey 40 grams, corn oil 30 ml, 30 grams of white sugar

1. Pour the granulated sugar and honey into the large bowl of stainless steel and pour in the eggs;
2. Find a big pot, put hot water, and put the bowl of the egg in the hot water;
3. Send the whole egg: low speed hit the delicate foam, change the high speed stir quickly, hit very dense state;
4. Low powder two times pass the sieve into the egg, with a rubber spatula to stir up from the bottom of the form, the flour and egg paste mix thoroughly;
5. Mix the batter first, then sift the flour second times;
6. In the batter, add corn oil two times, cut evenly;
7. Paste the cake into the mold, 1/2 or 1/3;
8., The middle of the oven 180 degrees, 20 minutes or so can be.

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