The maintenance of food baking equipment needs to be highly valued


In the process of using the baking equipment, because o […]

In the process of using the baking equipment, because of the input of energy and operation, resulting in friction, vibration, fatigue, resulting in relative motion of the parts and components of the entity wear, this physical wear is known as the use of wear and tear. Wear general: parts size, geometry change, components between tolerance properties change, resulting in a decline in the accuracy and performance, even damaged parts, other parts caused by the damage caused the accident. The main factors that affect the development of wear include the quality of equipment, the degree of load, the technical level of workers, the working environment, the quality and period of maintenance and repair.
Baking equipment in the life cycle, due to the role of natural forces, or due to poor custody caused by corrosion, aging, decay, and even resulting in loss of work accuracy and work capacity, known as natural wear. This wear and tear occurs regardless of the mechanical equipment used or the idle process. However, due to mechanical equipment idle, it is easy to lose normal maintenance, so the natural wear of mechanical equipment in idle is more obvious than in use, and is more easily neglected. Generally speaking, the visible wear of baking equipment can be divided into three stages:
The first stage is the initial stage of wear (also known as wear stage), is a new mechanical equipment or machinery and equipment overhaul after the early failure period in wear condition, wear speed, the main reason is the machining surface roughness in the load operation of the rapid wear, low reliability of parts under load failure quickly, improper installation, operation people in new equipment are not familiar with etc.. As the rough surface is flattened, the failed parts are replaced, the installation is adjusted by running in, the operators gradually become familiar with the equipment, and the wear rate of the equipment is gradually reduced.
The second stage is the normal wear stage, the wear rate is slow, and the mechanical equipment is in the best technical condition. Attention should be paid to maintenance, the use of correct operating techniques and procedures to strengthen spot checks, prevent accidental failures, and prolong the use of this stage as far as possible.
The third stage is the severe wear stage, continue to use when the main components of the wear degree has reached the normal limit, and wear will rise sharply, resulting in precision, mechanical equipment performance, production efficiency decreased, the failure rate increased sharply. In the use of machinery and equipment should be found in a timely manner the normal use of limit, timely prevention, repair, replacement of wear parts, to prevent failure.
The change law of the equipment of the baking equipment is corresponding to the wear rule. From the beginning of the operation to the whole process of serious wear, the fault changes are divided into the initial failure period, the accidental fault period and the wear fault period. The initial failure corresponds to the initial stage of wear, which means that the initial stage of the new equipment or the initial stage after the overhaul will be put into use. The failure rate will be higher and will decrease as time goes on. Accidental failure period is the normal operation of equipment, equipment has entered the normal operation, the failure rate is low. The mechanical equipment wear fault after long time operation, due to excessive wear and aging, the failure rate is rising sharply. So, baking food enterprises only attach importance to baking equipment maintenance, strictly from a fine to do this work, in order to ensure the normal work and prolong the service life of the baked food machinery and equipment, to achieve safe production, improve the economic efficiency of enterprises.

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