The four trick is to teach you to bake a delicious cake


I believe that every bakery wants to make the cake very […]

I believe that every bakery wants to make the cake very soft when it is baking the cake. But when you take your work out of the oven and see it's dry and easy to break, you must be crazy. However, we have experienced many failures, but we also slowly understand how to make the cake reach the best. The following tips will tell you if it's easy to judge whether your cake is already roasted.
1. The edge of the cake is out of the grill. Usually, when the edge of the cake begins to separate from the baking pan, it should be baked. The edge of the cake looks a bit dry. It can see small gaps between the baking tray and the edge of the cake.
2, the cake becomes soft. When the cake is baked, the middle part of it should be soft and elastic. You can press your fingers lightly, and the baked cake will slowly spring up instead of concave.
3. The cake tester is very clean. Any tiny needles can serve as a cake detector, and many cake divisions use simple and convenient toothpicks. Insert the toothpick as a probe into the center of the cake. If it is removed, it is clean and no paste is attached to it, indicating that the cake is done well. Of course, if there are some bread crumbs on it, it's normal.
4. Test the internal temperature. If you're not sure whether the cake is baked or not, you can use a thermometer to test the temperature inside the cake. The temperature of the usually baked cake is around 100 degrees centigrade.

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