The Advantage of Waifan Potato Chips Machine


Potato chips can produce tomatoes, cucumbers, barbecue […]

Potato chips can produce tomatoes, cucumbers, barbecue and other currently on the market sales of potato chips, the machine using potatoes (potatoes) after cleaning peeling machine to wash potatoes peeled, sliced, drain, electric fried, Seasoning, nitrogen filling and other processes to produce potato chips, make potato chips fragrant, taste brittle, chew Road. Potato chips production line forming process standards, cut the potato surface smooth, uniform, correct, thickness and thickness can be freely adjusted, the size of unity. No residue, the same color. Rich in taste.

Waifan potato chips in the production process does not add any food additives, pigments, flavors and other chemical raw materials, the use of natural palm oil, camellia oil as the oil. Effectively ensure the food safety of potato chips! Waifan potato chips in the production process to add a variety of natural fruit juice, vegetable juice, both to retain the original nutrients of potatoes, but also rich in vegetables, fruits, fiber, effective Add the raw material does not have the nutrients trace elements, suitable for all age groups nutritional supplement needs!

Our company is able to manufacture and export high quality potato chips. The machines are made by our highly trained professionals using high-grade parts and materials. Our vast infrastructure follows modern tools and technologies to manufacture these machines according to international quality standards. In addition, our large transport facility enables us to provide potato chips at the customer's designated time. Our products have the features of low cooking oil absorption, low fuel consumption, improved productivity, product quality, low labor requirements, excellent online oil filtration, high oil ratio is high, indirect heating arrangement.

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