Reduce the sugar in the cookie formula, the finished product will have much impact?


     Under normal circumstances, if you think the origi […]

     Under normal circumstances, if you think the original recipe is too sweet, you can properly reduce the sugar formula, a decrease of about 30% of the finished product will not have a significant impact. However, we also understand that sugar, in addition to the effect of the sweetener, also affects the color and texture of the cookie.
To give a few simple examples, the sugar in the butter and eggs mixed with wet ingredients, you can increase the degree of soft dough, after reducing the dough will be more dry. Especially in the production of extruded cookies and other types of cookies will feel more obvious. In addition, since the sugar tends to be coked at a high temperature, biscuits with a high sugar content are easier to color and have a nice color when baked.
At the same time, sugar as an excellent natural preservative, the higher the sugar content of biscuits, the longer shelf life, the more difficult to deterioration.
In fact, not only sugar, any increase or decrease of ingredients, the shape of the finished product will have more or less the impact, but sometimes because of personal reasons, will be a trade-off.

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