Powder machine


In order to meet the requirements of continuous large-s […]

In order to meet the requirements of continuous large-scale production, biscuit dough soft and hard must meet the requirements of the standard to ensure that the biscuit batch can meet the quality standards. So the capacity of the powder machine increases, at present, the maximum capacity of the powder machine can adjust the amount of 850Kg wheat flour, and the mixing device on the mixing device placed in the thermosensitive sensor, when the dough to reach the required temperature, Automatically cut off the power switch of the profile machine. The prepared dough is automatically dumped. Some also need to install the timing controller, according to the process design requirements, the surface function automatically according to the scheduled requirements to control the speed quickly, divided into high-speed 151 r / min, medium speed 48 r / min, low speed 29 r / min. Dusters are generally equipped with metal automatic detector, found that metal impurities mixed with raw materials, it will immediately stop feeding, mechanical alarm signal and stop.

Forming Machine. Foreign general to the development of multi-use molding machine, generally used roll, rolling, stacking, extrusion, wire cutting and other uses into a combination of new biscuits machinery, the thickness of the control of the use of electronic alarm, so that the operator can correct , To reduce defective, to ensure the smooth progress of production
Foreign biscuits specifications generally use the volume measurement, strictly control the spread of biscuits, so that the thickness of the biscuits uniform, uniform weight specifications, packaging materials used in polyethylene, aluminum foil, paper composite packaging and plastic packaging, weighing, bagging, sealing all contact, cooked food Products without pollution, production of healthy and efficient.

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