New Technology Used in Potato Chips Machine


Although French fries are still the staple foods of the […]

Although French fries are still the staple foods of the fast food business, the nutritionists have long been tarnished by high-fat and high-calorie diets because these potato chips are fried into butter, because the fat must add extra heat.

Scientists at the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) have opened up a way to reduce the fat of French fries. Potatoes were peeled and cut into strips, but before the soaking in the fries of fries, the scientists used three minutes of infrared heating fries. Infrared preparation on the fries to form a fine micro-crust, help to reduce the absorption of grease.

As for the taste of the finished product, more than half of the taste testers said they found the same fritters as the conventional fries prepared for the taste and color of French fries. More than half of the group members said they prefer the sweet potato chips more simply. The new product is made of the same potatoes made of French fries, with the same fried, with the traditional French fries the same equipment processing.

How to do it, especially those produced on an industrial scale: coating, can add or lock the flavor of the batter. And in the two continents for about 10 years of research and development of innovation in front. New French fries are wrinkled, thinly coated with flour, reducing oil absorption. They taste delicious, crisp fries, delicious snack.

Fried fried french fries are best suited for frying all kinds of French fries and potato chips. The use of advanced oil and water mixing technology, with different density characteristics and boiling point of oil and water. The temperature of the oil and water can be set and controlled within a range by means of a natural air-cooled system and an automatic cold water circulation system so that the water does not boil and overflow into the oil. The fried waste and the residue will be deposited in the water, once the operation is completed, it will be discharged from the machine, so that frying oil to keep clean, fresh, low fat. See more at

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