How Waifan Cake Making Machine Works to Produce Cake


Large industrial cake baking machine using far infrared […]

Large industrial cake baking machine using far infrared radiation tube as a heating element. The internal heat radiation penetrates the object at a rapid heating rate, the baking food is uniformly heated, the taste is good, in line with the food hygiene standard. Industrial cake baking machine temperature can be adjusted in the range of 20-300 ℃, can automatically become constant temperature, the product has a timer, automatic temperature control and manual control. Cake baking machines were gas and electricity; other full-featured, easy to operate, reliable performance. Bracket and floor is a double structure, greatly increasing the use of the scope; semi-automatic doors flexible opening, close fit durable. The quality ensures that large industrial cake baking machines can be operated at low pressure by using a pressure-type temperature controller that is not affected by voltage fluctuations, which may affect electrical performance. It is a general hierarchical independent control structure that can control the basal baking machine's primer and surface fire, so baking quality is ideal. Industrial bread baking machines are mainly used for toast and cakes.

Industrial cake baking machine uses advanced digital display instrument automatic temperature control and timing control system. In the commercial oven oven, design the channel to ensure the safety of the combustion gas. Normal shutdown solenoid valve and leak-proof fire alarm settings to ensure safe use. The cake oven is equipped with lighting and observation windows to make the operation clear and simple.

This product does not need to increase the power, only need home lighting power, and can be put into use. Use oven baking fast, save gas consumption, durable, baking food color evenly. Industrial cake baking machine is a novel food oven, carefully designed and manufactured, safe and efficient, is the best choice for food baking. It can bake bread, cakes and other food. Business cake oven made of food color bright, good taste, good taste. It is fast heating, saving gas, suitable for small cake shop, food shop, canteen, restaurant and so on. It is the best choice for baking food. When the furnace temperature reaches the required temperature, the oven temperature into the state, the burner to stop burning, when the temperature is lower than the required temperature, the work system automatically ignites and heat, and repeated the purpose of automatic temperature. When the temperature is not uniform heating, the industrial cake baking machine can adjust the position of the roof fireproof board. When the temperature is not uniform, you can adjust the location of the fire board. Commercial cake ovens should be kept away from infrared heating. With a novel hierarchical control of the luxurious style, reasonable structure, easy to operate. Good heat insulation and special energy saving! This machine produces bread, pastries and Western-style uniform, delicious color, good taste.

Industrial cake baking machine using hot air circulation, hot air circulation system is divided into horizontal and vertical. They are accurate calculations. The blower motor of the big cake machine drives the wind wheel through the electric heater, and the hot air is conveyed through the pipeline to the oven studio. Will be used inhalation of second-hand air pipe, make it an air source, re-use. This can effectively improve the temperature uniformity. Door closed work, you can use this air circulation system to resume operating status. Industrial cake baking machine bright color, no loss, no dent or serious scratches. Door switch is flexible, tight and seamless; window glass is transparent. Various switches and knobs look beautiful. Industrial bread baking machine finishing. Dial writing is clear and makes operation easy.

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