How To Use Waifan Candy Making Machine


Candy can be made at home or with the larger machines s […]

Candy can be made at home or with the larger machines seen at fairs and carnivals. Most of the consumer models use sugar or hard candy.The larger machines are used in much the same way, but on a more mass produced scale. Both types of machines get very hot and should never be used without adult supervision.

Safety tips.

Only plug rented Candy Making Machine into a grounded outlet of appropriate volts and amps.Only lift rented cotton candy machine by its handles. Do not lift it by its spinning head.Do not touch spinning head on rented Candy Making Machine.

Place the rented cotton candy machine on a stable, level surface, such as a table or counter. To create a more attractive setting, rent a cart, stand or cabinet specially designed for the cotton candy machine.Plug in and turn on the rented cotton candy machine.

After initial warm-up, adjust heat on the rented cotton candy machine to optimum setting. Reduce temperature if smoking occurs.Adjust the floaters on the rented cotton candy machine’s spinning head for more or less lift of the floss.Hold the pointed end of a cotton candy cone between two fingers and thumb.Use a light flicking motion to break into the web of floss with cone.Use the cone to lift up the floss over the pan before winding the floss around the cone.Turn the cone in a figure-eight pattern to gather a larger web of floss.

Finally Clean the rented cotton candy machine if you do not plan to use it again for several hours.

Once you have the machines in location you will need to fill them with candy. It is important that you pick the right candy for each location.

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