How to use the Potato Chips Machine correctly?


Our Potato Chips Machine is mainly used for fry peanut, […]

Our Potato Chips Machine is mainly used for fry peanut, potato chips, banana chips, meat burger, chicken nuggets, etc. with high quality.Here we give you some suggestion of How to use it correctly

1.Check carefully before starting the pipe fittings, the valve is connected firmly.
2.Check carefully before starting the electrical equipment is normal.
3.Check the air compressor tank pressure meets the requirements.
4.Check the thermal oil gentle pressure is in line with the requirements.
5.Should start with a no-load palm oil circulation pump until the palm oil temperature reached above 195 ℃ can vote.
6.A single feed should be less to more order, but up to not more than 15kg each time.
7.Feeding should be evenly dispersed investment, can not vote cast material.
8.The oil should be released after the remaining oil filtration, cleaning and cleaning equipment health.

I hope the above-mentioned  Potato Chips Machine safe operation content for you to help.

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