How to Operate Waifan Candy Making Machine


The easiest way to ensure that you have the right textu […]

The easiest way to ensure that you have the right texture and color of the correct texture sugar is to mix a pack of velvet and 5kg of sugar in a bucket of water. The mixture is then poured into the head of the confectionery machine and operated as described below.

Heat Control Setting Test

1. strictly follow the rules of the instructions.

2. When the main switch is still closed, fill the dental thread. Always filled with sugar 90%. This 90% level is required to get the balance in the floss head. Over time will occur when the vibration. Before turning on the power, turn the head manually to balance the sugar. This can eliminate excessive vibration of the head.

3. Open the main switch and thermal switch.

4. Turn the thermal control knob clockwise to the maximum setting to start the fastest warm-up.

5.The machine should start making floss in around 45 seconds. After the machine begins to make the floss, the heat setting must be reduced. Turn the thermal control knob counterclockwise to eliminate smoking.

6. When you find the ideal setting for "HEAT CONTROL", it will be set in the vicinity of this location.

7. After finishing the floss, floss all empty.

8. Turn the hot control dial to the maximum position and let the machine run for about 3-4 minutes. This will burn excess sugar and prevent any excess carbon from accumulating.

9. Turn the heat switch off to allow the motor to run for 1-2 minutes to "straighten" the floss.

10. Turn off the motor and let the motor stop completely. Make a dot if it sticks to the stack of cones and twist it from the stack.

Hold one or two tips of the cone between the two fingers and the thumb. In the light of the action, the reel in the reel in the disk to accumulate. The cone is lifted up, the floss ring is connected, and the cone is wrapped around the cone. Do not roll the floss when the cone is in the pot. This will make the floss too tight. If the floss can not be attached to the cone, lift the cone near the swivel head and lift the "screwdriver" of the melted sugar. Remove the cone from the pan and wrap the thread.

Do not place the hand or object in a rotating head. Do not place the powdered sugar on the rotating head during rotation. The operator should always wear protective goggles. Do not place your hand near the rotating rotating head. Use floss to collect marshmallow.

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