How to clean pastry?


Nowadays, snack bars have used shortbread machines to m […]

Nowadays, snack bars have used shortbread machines to make a large number of shortbread cakes. This will not only save manpower and material resources, but also ensure the taste of shortbread cakes. The most important issue in the food industry is health issues. Although the production of Candy Making Machine  has reduced the pollution caused by human contact, it is also easy to cause food hygiene problems if they are not cleaned in time.
Therefore, it is very necessary to clean the flaky pastry machine in time. How to clear the pastry machine?
At present, Anhui Keyu Packaging Machinery provides a three-stage squeezing machine that uses a progressive thinning process to press the dough into suitable thickness. The filling machine automatically fills the filling into the dough and rolls the dough into a cylinder through the roll. Shape, and finally cut into a ball shape with a forming tool, a long strip of cake embryo, the entire forming process will not damage the elasticity of the dough, completely maintain the original taste. The following steps can be performed on the cleaning:
1. Take the filter out regularly for cleaning. However, it should be noted here that the fuselage of the pastry machine is completely cooled and is the best time for cleaning. To reverse the water flush the impurities on the filter. Gently brush the filter with a brush if necessary.
2. The filter should be cleaned and put back into the machine promptly, and pay attention to the correct position.
3, when cleaning, pay attention to the removal of debris, do a good job of collecting impurities, the site must be clean after the operation.
4, if the mixing blade is difficult to clean, try a few more times, should not use abrasive cleaners and hard wool fabric cleaning, to avoid damage to the non-stick layer, affect the next stirring and cleaning effect.

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