How Does the Waifan Chocolate Enrobing Machine Work


The Chocolate Enrobing Machine occurs in stages. Most e […]

The Chocolate Enrobing Machine occurs in stages. Most enrobers, abnormally beyond systems, appear complete with accessories that handles the enrobing action from alpha to finish. These all-in-one machines are actual convenient. Smaller enrobers can aswell be purchased abstracted from the cooling tunnel, although this is beneath common.

A Chocolate Enrobing Machine is a countertop electronic mixing and heating pan or appliance that is designed to take all the guesswork and manual labor out of tempering chocolate. It heats the chocolate to the correct temperature while constantly mixing it, allowing special crystalline shapes to form within the molecular structure. This gives the final product an attractive look and smooth taste.

A chocolate tempering machine solves this problem by automating a process that causes the molecular crystals of the chocolate to take on a specific uniform structure, called a Beta V form. It heats the chocolate to a very precise temperature, then cools it slightly before reheating it, all while mixing the chocolate in a regulated manner. The aggregate of heating to the exact temperature — which is altered for semi-sweet chocolate, milk, and white amber — and bond just the appropriate amount, causes the able crystals to form.

The chocolate-coated pieces then get carried to the , where the chocolate is solidified and exits ready for packaging. The cooling tunnel is a long, insulated tunnel kept at a constant, low temperature, and plays an essential role in the outcome of the enrobed product. Precise temperatures in the cooling tunnel will produce a hard, glossy finish and optimal shelf-life. For those machines that don't have a cooling tunnel, the chocolate covered pieces are manually transported to a refrigeration system for cooling.

Raw chocolate that is melted to make candy must be tempered to be crisp and smooth. If not tempered, chocolate dries to a very dull, unattractive and uneven color, streaked with gray. Moreover, it will be chalky and feel grainy on the tongue.

Either a single or a double curtain of liquid tempered chocolate can be used for coating. The amount of chocolate is infinitely adjustable.

A hushed motor drives a stainless animate belt. Additional lamps can be acclimated for preheating the agent belt, preventing bombastic amber to solidify.

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