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The problems encountered during the bread baking stage […]

The problems encountered during the bread baking stage are as follows:
First, the preheating temperature of the oven is insufficient, and the molded product is immediately introduced into the furnace, so that the baking time is prolonged and the water is excessively evaporated. Therefore, the baking loss is large, the product surface is thick, and the color is light. This is because the calorie is insufficient, the epidermis cannot be fully coked so that the golden color is scarce and the internal structure is rough. In addition, the furnace door opening time is too long to cause the furnace temperature to drop.

Second, the temperature of the oven is too high, the surface of the product is prematurely formed during baking, which causes the internal tissue expansion to be suppressed, and because the surface of the product is colored faster, the operator mistakenly believes that the product has been baked and ends baking in advance. The interior of this product is more viscous and dense, it can not reach the desired softness and there is no normal flavor.

Third, the oven is too long after the warm-up. Too much heat is accumulated in the dry hearth furnace which is too hot. When the lower temperature product enters the furnace, all the heat sources will concentrate on the surface of the product during the initial stage of the baking process, forming too strong an overheat, and then the heat disappears quickly. , Unstable furnace temperature makes the product difficult to cook inside. This situation is most noticeable when using an electric oven for general small household appliances. The way to improve it is to put a glass of water in the warming up beforehand to warm up the heat; or before the product is put into the furnace, open the door to allow the cold air to enter, and drive off excess heat to stabilize the furnace temperature.

Fourth, improper positioning of the product on the pan, resulting in uneven heating. The way to improve is to change the arrangement and adjust the product spacing to make the heat more uniform. Only the hot gas cycle is good, the product can turn golden yellow.


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