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The development of food machinery in China has heavy re […]

The development of food machinery in China has heavy responsibilities and broad space, the main reason is our country people's consumption of food is mostly unprocessed food from agriculture, due to the lack of necessary food processing machinery and food processing and storage, resources can not be directly caused by the preservation of the annual loss of up to billions of dollars, resulting in comprehensive utilization deep processing to the waste of resources loss is higher, so China's food machinery has broad market prospects, future development.
The products of the food machinery manufacturing industry in China can keep up with the advanced international standards, but there are few products with independent intellectual property rights and technological innovations. What we call "follow" is "follow up" or even imitation, but innovation is rare. So, the food machinery manufacturing enterprises in China from the angle of innovation, from the height of independent intellectual property rights to develop new products, develop advanced equipment, has the international first-class level in this way, can we truly achieve the domestic food machinery manufacturing industry upgrading.
The China food machinery manufacturing industry is rising in recent years, food safety is increasingly serious, equipment upgrades become a big trend, because of this, China food machinery manufacturing industry will keep growing in the future for a long period of time, but also more and more high degree of automation, is also driven by the rapid development of automation.log on to our official website for more details :

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