Electric mixer maintenance methods


And noodles, the flour stir into the machine Fault reas […]

And noodles, the flour stir into the machine Fault reason:
1, two powder stick counter
2, food is excessive
1, the powder stick
2, cut off the power, remove the extra ingredients
Plug in the power cord, press the switch button, the machine does not work Fault reason:
1, whether the blackout.
2, the power cord is plugged in well.
3, the power outlet is closed.
4, motor damage.
1, check out
2, to send maintenance.
Mechanical failure is the most important part of the impact and impact weakness, the main reason is not impact the piston and the rubber ring aging on the hammer, the large cylinder up, mouth down, such as the hammer can fall freely, then the apron It must be aged, short impact seeds can also cause no impact (compare with the new impact seed). If the above conditions are normal, no impact, it must be to observe the large cylinder to see if there are cracks, cracks need to be replaced.


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