Different chocolates, different uses


The addition of different ingredients in the manufactur […]

The addition of different ingredients in the manufacture of chocolate creates a wide variety of chocolates. According to different ingredients, chocolate can generally be divided into dark chocolate (Dark Chocolate), milk chocolate (Milk Chocolate) and white chocolate (White Chocolate) three kinds.

1、 Dark Chocolate: that is, increase the cocoa and cocoa butter cocoa syrup. Its plate hardness is bigger, its cocoa fat content is higher, average content is 27%, milk content is less than 12%. Depending on the amount of cocoa butter, dark chocolate has different grades. Soft dark chocolate, cocoa butter content of 32~34%; surface with hard chocolate, cocoa butter content of 38~40%; ultra hard chocolate, cocoa butter content of 38~55%, not only high nutritional value, but also easy to release and operation. Dark chocolate dessert in the most widely used in processing, can be used for chocolate, cream, squeeze the word, a variety of decorative, demoulding shape, Pizai cake, chocolate bread and chocolate cookies.

2、 Milk Chocolate: raw materials including cocoa products (cocoa liquor, cocoa powder, cocoa butter), dairy products, sugar, spices and surfactant etc.. Contains at least 10% cocoa butter and at least 12% milk. Milk chocolate has a wide range of uses. It can be used as cake filling, shower noodles, extrusion or stripping molding. Milk chocolate was originally invented by the Swiss and was once a patented product of Switzerland until now. Some of the world's best milk chocolate can be divided into two categories: in Europe, following Pete and naster, most manufacturers also use condensed milk as ingredients; while in the United States and the United Kingdom, with milk and sugar mixture as an ingredient. The latter uses the hygroscopic properties of sugar to dry itself and produces a cheese like flavor due to the activity of enzymes in mixed milk powder.

3、White Chocolate: contains ingredients and milk chocolate basically the same, it includes sugar, cocoa butter, solid milk and spices, do not contain cocoa powder, so appear white. This chocolate only cocoa aroma, taste and general chocolate, and dairy products and powdered sugar content is relatively large, high sweetness. White chocolate is mostly used as icing sugar, and can also be used for stuffing, filling and decorating cakes.


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