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Everyone loves cotton candy, and just about everyone ha […]

Everyone loves cotton candy, and just about everyone has seen a cotton candy machine spin its sweet web. This machine has been around for quite some time. It was a favorite at local carnivals and other outdoor affairs.

Regardless of the purpose, this airy confection has been enjoyed by thousands and thousands of people for years. It turned into a popular treat after it's introduction at the World's Fair in St Louis in 1903. For many years, the only approach to get one of these sugar puffs was to wait to get it at the county fair or possibly at your neighborhood skating rink.

The machine needs to be made from robust materials to produce a sturdy machine. Something with a bit of substance to it, not one that feels really insubstantial that might shake to bits when it is working.

There is quite a diverse selection of these machines, both for commercial or domestic use. Quite a lot of the commercial ones I have seen advertised are of 950W power, obviously the domestic ones will be lower.

There is a heating element in the center of a concave metal bowl. The sugar, flavoring and food color is added to the concave bowl. The heating element- which gets very hot- heats the sugar and other ingredients up to the boiling point. The sugar becomes liquefied. There is a pulley system under the bowl that causes the bowl to spin at very high speeds, drying the sugar as it collects around the rim of the bowl. The speed of the bowl causes the sugar to be pulled out into long strings.

There are various choices on-line in both type and price when you find yourself on the lookout for your equipment.

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