Common problems in cake production


   1, the cake is too sweet May be appropriate to incre […]

   1, the cake is too sweet
May be appropriate to increase the amount of salt, salt to join, can be a corresponding reduction in sweetness and to express a variety of cake flavor.
   2, playing cake cake cake when the bottom of the formation of lumps
First sugar to melt, then add the cake oil, to break up at high speed, so you can avoid the cake oil sink at the end.
3, cake paste too thick?
Mainly due to the lack of water, can be added to the appropriate water or milk to solve.
4, cake easily broken and not soft?
Mainly in the formula of eggs and oil shortage, to properly increase the formula in the egg and oil weight.
5, sponge cake baked after the baked?
This problem is mainly caused by the direct method of mixing this problem is mainly too little water, the batter caused by thick, more or more fuel can solve this problem.
6, the cake in the baking process shrinkage changes?
(2) check the amount of powder inside the formula is more than the amount of eggs; (3) the best use of fresh eggs; (4), the use of fresh eggs, Check the formula and the total amount of water is balanced; (5) as far as possible not to use bleached flour; (6), with the appropriate furnace temperature baking; (7), it is best not to use leavening agent; Do not stir too much.
7, winter play sponge cake play a very bad degree?
Winter can be heated to about 400C or so, or with 600C hot water in the mixing tank outside the heating, while stirring, so that the degree of egg paste will be significantly increased.
8, the cake baked out very white
Is caused by excessive baking, adjust the furnace temperature or baking time can solve this problem.
9, cake tissue is too wet, too soft, sticky teeth and life?
This is caused by excessive use of cake oil, the appropriate reduction in the amount of cake oil.
10, cake organization is not delicate, there are irregular large holes?
1, gluten is too high, or gluten quality is not good, should be used for some of the better quality cake powder. 2, the formula in the egg yolk, milk, salad oil and other flexible materials, should increase the amount of these materials; 3, protein stirring too much should control the degree of hair; 4,
Baking temperature is too low, increase the baking temperature.
11, sponge cake inside the rough tissue?
Mainly related to stirring, should be in the high-speed mixing with a slow exhaust.

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