Basic Material of Biscuit Production Line


Flour is the main raw material for the production of bi […]

Flour is the main raw material for the production of biscuits, different types of biscuits to match the different flour, and the quality of flour and gluten number related to the quality of biscuits important factors. The chemical composition of flour is mainly carbohydrates, protein, fat, water, cellulose and a small amount of minerals and enzymes and other components. Here is the use of low-gluten wheat flour, the powder mainly by the low protein content of soft wheat grinding, high precision processing, silty white and delicate, gluten content less, weak tendons, the production of crisp food good ductility, Low ash content, good taste, high digestion and absorption characteristics. Used to make biscuits, with crisp, soft, crisp, fine cross-sectional structure. Raw materials use good quality soft wheat.

Sugar is the main and important ingredient for most biscuits. They are in addition to sweet, but also change and improve the structure and flavor of the material. In the production of biscuits commonly used sugar sugar, caramel, starch syrup, such as conversion syrup.

White sugar contains more than 99% sucrose crystal, white transparent, is decolored by the raw sugar and then from the village. White sugar solubility, water absorption and water holding capacity. Applicable to the pastry to be pulp. The quality requirements of the sugar is: grain neat, color white, dry, no impurities, no smell, dissolved solution after the clarification. The physical and chemical indicators of white sugar are listed below.

Caramel is a mixture of dextrin and glucose, etc., have a strong hygroscopicity. Generally in the production of pastry can keep the softness of pastry, improve product luster and increase the product of the role of moisture and elasticity. The following are the same as the

The sweetness of caramel is one quarter of the sweetness of sugar. Its melting point is low, at 102-103 ℃, the heat instability, polymerization occurs at high temperature, so caramel often as a baking food coloring agent. Because caramel contains a lot of dextrin, so the viscosity is extremely high, excessive use can easily lead to sticky roller, sticky mold phenomenon, and forming difficulties, it should not be used.

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